Eyewear by Sofia Vergara
January 21st, 2016

Indeed, Sofia Vergara has just about everything going for her, with a new husband Joe, and a celebrity life most would envy. Most people didn't know that she also has her own eyewear brand, and has established herself in the world fashionable glasses. We have grown to love all the new and upcoming frames of eyewear and Sofia brings style and sophistication to what is arguably one of the defining factors of a persons face, their eyewear. Here on ViewTry.com, you can try on any brand or style of eyeglasses you would like. We have pulled up 5 styles from the Sofia Vergara collection so that you can virtually try them on without having to leaving your home. Now is your chance to see what you look like before you choose to purchase. Several pairs of her frames, such as the Peppi TPR and Juliana Wine show a new level of class that you can literally experience on ViewTry. Enjoy what it feels like to wear a brand new pair of Sofia Vergara glasses today. Images provided by BauerGriffin.

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