Tag Heuer L-Type Mens Sunglasses

These are the sunglasses to get this year. The Tag Heuer L-Type wrapped in Alligator Leather. Some details are that they are brown outdoor, Polyvalent lenses, Category 3. There are 3 layers of anti reflective coating. These are super sleek and compact, the eye-catching hinge design has a very sophisticated silhouette. The hand-crafted leather temple is decorated with the TAG Heuer shield in metal. The unique fusion of cutting-edge materials and time-honoured craftsmanship and savoir-faire. The temples color is Alligator Mat Brown Gold The 100% carbon fibre body construction puts this standout eyewear frame in the featherweight division. The end-tips in high-resistance elastomer provide extra support. Try these sunglasses on today right here on ViewTry.

Tag Heuer sunglasses

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